58172_10151839767086883_1185834269_nA couple years ago, I started a talent management company. More or less, I take care of the business aspect of a musician’s career so that they can focus on the art itself. Over the years though, there have been as many great musicians on my roster as poor ones. But the one thing the one consistent factor is that fans don’t see 95% of what goes into what they hear and all the struggles that come with creating a project.

While I may only get a 20% cut of the income, I’m usually doing about 80% of the work. And sometimes, it definitely feels like the roles should be switched.  But for every bead of sweat I put into each and every one of my artists, there’s always a funny story behind it. And for every step of progress, there’s always two trip-ups. Most of the time, these acts perceive themselves in a distorted reality. So why not write about all these hilarious stories?


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