The Best Part of Being A Manager Is….

Seeing accomplished goals. By far and away, the best part of being a manager. Doesn’t matter how small or big this goal is but the point is that there was an accomplishment.

It is so hard in this industry to have your mind set to something and it actually pulls through and happens! The subjectivity of music makes it almost impossible to guess what the response will be to a song or an album. You’d have a better time shooting blindfolded. It’s like your in a grey fog and you’re trying to get across a river. You’re not really sure where you’re going but you can only see where your feet are and about 2 inches in front of you.

Someone that I worked with just signed to a record label this past week and that is what his biggest goal. Not only that but to find a record label that in line with his ambitions. Seriously, 1 in a million chance of this happening.

So as you go into the weekend, this will be your motivating post. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how small or big. Worst case, you’re just in foggy river.


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