Touring is Awesome

Pretty much everyone in the entire world is not paying for music anymore. You know, I know it, and major labels DEFINITELY know it. The problem with this is the confining revenue structures for artists to make a living out of making music. If nobody is actually going to pay for music anymore, how can they actually make any money? The back-door decision makers are actually coming up with some creative solutions to this problem.

An awesome but also not-so-awesome trends are happening: Touring is the way to make a substantial amount of money.

So nowadays the general rule of thumb is the concert is really the secret to success. The way to really make your buck is through selling those tickets. Nothing can really replace the sound of live music and tons of fans collectively intoxicated.

I mean, people are paying hundreds of dollars to pretty much idolize these ‘DJ’s’ on stage who openly admit they are just hitting the play button. It’s already at that point, that people really only care more about the environment of where you hear the music and less about the music itself.

All in all, people are cheap and like to get intoxicated- what else is new?


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