Never Fake It

Ok, so I know I’m not the best manager in the world. If I didn’t see these signs, then I would be insane than Charlie Sheen.

I have little knowledge of the music industry but more than the average human being.

And while it’s all good and fun to make fun of myself, nothing makes me angrier than people discrediting my intelligence. For every mistake I’ve made, I’ve learned and improved from. Believe it or not, I actually help artists progress in their career. I know, shocking stuff.

Anyway, I told you about that guy that free-styled at the frat house a couple posts ago- Dylan. I signed him up; I had nothing to lose. Show me what you got. If it isn’t good enough then hit the road. Onto the next.

So I get in the studio with him and start asking questions, just getting to know him. He says about how he’s been making music forever but only took it serious for about 3 months. He was going to put out a mixtape in a couple weeks. FAANTASTIC. I would love to hear it!

I ask him about production and says it’s all original stuff. Lyrics are all fresh and new. “Gunna be an instant classic.”

“Awesome man, can I hear it?”

“Nah, man just wait for it. I ain’t got none of the songs on my iPhone.”

“Ok Ok, just send em through when you get a chance.”


Mind you, these are egocentrics I’m dealing with. Normal people like talking about themselves. Artist LOVE it. Nothing gets them more excited than to show their work to someone else.

Unless your Jay-z, nobody really cares about your material leaking.

Or don’t. Dylan chose the latter.

He didn’t show me anything until it was release to the public. And by public I mean the 200 people who clicked on the link (from the 2,000 “followers” he had.)

All good, nothing lost. But then he calls me all heated, saying how I didn’t ‘deliver’. I didn’t promote the mixtape properly. “Shit’s fire, and nobody hear it mayne.”

“Whatever dude, you’re delusional. Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Looking back though, he’s the least delusional of the clique that I’ve motley crewed together.

Lose some, win fewer. FML


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