2 Golden Rules of Studio Edicate

I’ve stated a least a hundred times over, one of the coolest environments to be in is in a creative one. To see the process of how a song is made should definitely be on your bucket list, and if not then we can’t be friends. However, a lot of people who are crossing this off their list don’t necessarily understand the do’s and don’t’s of being in a studio session.

Here’s a little clip of Pharell talking about his poor studio edicte ~9 minute mark

At the end of the day, it comes down to two rules that can be applied to life in general:

(1) Know your place

If you’re there to absorb what’s going around you then absorb. Don’t try and contribute to making the music if you have no idea how to make music. This one is definitely hard for people to grasp, especially since it is usually a laid-back and casual environment.

(2) Act like you’ve been there, bro!

Stop asking what everything does or look over the engineer’s should to see what they’re doing. If you’re there enough times, you’ll eventually pick up on things. But for the most part, there’s a place and time to ask and most of the time you’re there to just sit and listen.

So basically, I’m telling everyone to shut up. It’s a work environment for the artists and engineer(s) but there’s a deep deep grey fog around that since artists are usually super cool and laidback and also the creative process is a wild beast tamed in obscure ways.

This post is 99-100% fueled by a poor studio session I had the other weekend, which I’ll go into more detail next week! Stay tuned…


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