Never Take Greyhound Buses Part II

Continued on from Part I

Order becomes chaos. People start scattering everywhere. Up became down, right was left.  What was a structured, regular line became an absolute mess. Those 5 words sparked what a riot. Either this ticket-man really knew how to spark emotion from a crowd or everyone was just a little on edge ready to explode. I still think it’s the first. Everything just moved so fast. Don’t ask me how or why, but I was got scooted back like 15 people or so. It’s fine- upset but content. I won’t get the perfect seat, but definitely won’t get the seat next to the toilet.

I’m 3 people from getting on the bus and this mother with 2 little kids comes running through saying they’re late for a bus. I step aside. Every time I see someone in a rush, I try and do everything to help them which basically means getting out of the way. I become so concerned with getting out of their way that realistically I get in their way.

Finally, the dust has settled I get to the front of the line. The ticket-man tells me to hold on. He steps outside and talks to the driver.  He doesn’t return. Overall, the worst ticket-man ever. Not only did he instigate a riot of ticket-checking but he didn’t even have the common decency to tell me that the bus was overbooked.

I’m not going to lie, the thought of going on that bus and telling the mother with the kids to get off the bus did cross my mind. I’m a terrible person. I couldn’t execute this satanic thought as I was inside the terminal watching the bus that I was supposed to get on drive away. I missed the concert. Wasn’t even close. I didn’t even pass state-lines.

So naturally, I then fall to my knees and clench my fists screaming, “NOO!”

Sorry, I lied.


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