How to Explain This to The Cops Part II

So we finish up the recording session and are on our way to a concert that he’s headlining. As many college students do, “Eric” likes to smoke some not-so-legal marijuana.  It relaxes him for the concert, whatever whatever. While I am quite liberal on the semi-illicit drug, Penn State cops are not. He smokes, goes through soundcheck, preparing, etc. Everything is going well. So far…

Now the concert has started, the opening act has finished and I am on stage hyping the crowd before Evan’s performance.

5 minutes before he steps onstage.

Time passes, I run out of phrases for the crowd to cheer.

10 minutes pass.

The headliner has stage-fright. The intro song ends. Now I’m on stage, by myself, talking to the crowd with no music. I swear I was 30 seconds away from singing the National Anthem acapella style. I don’t even know all the words.. that’s the level of awkward I’m talking about.

Finally after 15 minutes on stage, the DJ relieves me of easily the most awkward moment of my life.

Anyway, I walk off stage and see what’s going on.

I get confronted by a cop asking me if I’ve done any drugs. I say no. He searches my backpack, my pockets. Everything. Apparently the cops busted into the venue and were looking for “Eric” specifically. Unconcerned with the other 300 sloppy drunk college kids in the crowd, the cops were solely after the headlining performer. He must have gotten caught for the weed he smoked before. Even Lil Wayne gets busted.

On the plus side, he didn’t get arrested.

However, as I was leaving the cops told me that they found needles in his backpack. What my friend forgot to mention before introducing me to “Eric”, or during the 3 months of working with him that he was actually a drug dealer. He was literally selling and using heroine daily.

And that is the story of the time I found out that I was managing a heroin addict.


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