Never Take Greyhound Buses

Never take Greyhound. Ever. No matter the situation, find another way. They are the worst.  This is why I hate them…

An artist that I work with in New York City was having a concert on a Friday night. I was just finishing up work in Baltimore and was going to take the bus up and show some support. I had no real time to mess up as there was only one bus after my work that could still get in time for the concert.

I know what you’re thinking. I know you’re thinking that I just barely missed the bus. I came into the station just as the bus was leaving. So upset, I fell to my knees and clenched my fists screaming, “NOO!”

You are wrong.

I’m extremely punctual with travel. Missing trains, busses and planes are 3 of my biggest fears. This is probably from the long list of rom-coms that I’ve watched when the guy misses the plane by 3 seconds and leaves the love of his life behind. I’ve got no idea why I just revealed that I watch rom-coms- it’s my dirty pleasure. I’m so scared of missing this bus that I got to the station 20 minutes early.

I’m in line and they’re checking tickets. About halfway in the line, I’ve got everything set up, ready to go. The ticket-man yells “Everyone get in number order!”

Seriously? Guy, there’s like 60 people in line. How do you expect us to get in order? We’re in a zigzagged, single filed line, which is enclosed by ropes. I’ve got like 3 square feet of moving room. A couple people (who were definitely trying to sneak they’re way to the front) started asking everyone around them what their numbers were and then adjust the line. These assholes were the pioneers, everyone followed- such a ridiculous spectacle. Tune in next week for Part 2


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