How To Explain This To The Cops Part 1

PREFACE: There are few times in my life when I wish I had more interactions with cops. They’re my kryptonite. Doesn’t matter if I’m doing something wrong or doing nothing at all, I will consistently be afraid.

One of my first clients was through a roommate connection. He sent me some links of an old high-school friend  who he thought was talented. ‘Mike’ got me in touch with the old classmate, ‘Eric’. We talked for a bit and eventually got to talking about how he opened up for a pretty big rap group called The New Boyz. Yes they do spell it with a Z. Yes, they are actually popular. Here’s their most famous song, “You’re a Jerk”  Please don’t get me started…

Anyway, all was going well and he came down to record a couple songs in Baltimore. He was very raw, but impressive nonetheless. He was definitely going to be a long-term project. I got the ball rolling- had him sign a contact, gave him a little advice, and sent out his music to some of the people I’ve worked with before.

He started to link up with a finalist from The Voice, Vince Kidd.

A couple months later, we scheduled a concert at Penn State. Beforehand, we went to a studio nearby to get a short recording session.  The studio was actually attached to a massive church. No lie, he was rapping about money, h*es and the ‘movie’ lifestyle just down the hall from the Sunday service. We probably should have done a little more research on the studio…



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