Who Am I ?

This blog’s called the 20% Cut, named after the usual percentage cut that I take for dealing with drama-queens you like to call music artists. More or less, this blog is just a diary of funny stories that can only really happen in the creative industries. Stories that will make you spit out the water in your mouth. Stories that will make you shake your head at humanity and wish people had any sort of common-sense or self-awareness.

I haven’t been blessed with any actual music talent, but I (think) I have a good business sense. I understand markets and trends, and I’ve got the ability to explain it to others in a simple manner. Here’s my story and how I got here…

Well, a couple years ago, I founded a music management company as a way to get in the industry. Trying out the American Dream, I wanted a quick way to get rich and easy-living. Without any proper experience, I stumbled into the market with a few pennies and high hopes.

Years later, here I am. A little bit smarter but with a lot of bruises and black eyes. There’s a ton of egocentrics in this industry, and I’d argue creative industries has the most of ’em. While that is a big hurdle to get over, it does has a lot of great benefits. It’s not a get-rich-quick industry; it’s the exact opposite.

But I do get to connect with some really creative minds and be in the presence of what I think define as genius: someone who can create something great out of nothing. Not only that, but that creation can have an attachment to a large group of people. It’s something I can never do, but I can interact with these people. And on top of that, these people give some of the funniest stories.

So without further adieu, look around my site and enjoy what little it has to offer.

Until next week, here’s the subject of the next post: “Where NOT to book a concert.”


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